Red Bull Storm Chase

Red Bull Storm Chase is back! To where? The location, as always, is to be determined. The competition window opens on Febuary 9th.

The arena will be in Northern Europe. The competitors – the best windsurfers from all over the planet. When the storm hits, the chase is on.

In a time of unprecedented global challenges, for Red Bull Storm Chase, one challenge remains the same: to wait for a big, heavy storm to come up out of the Atlantic – and then bring the best windsurfers in the world to meet it. More than ever, it will take an incredible amount of logistics, planning and reactivity to make this unique windsurfing event happen, but we’re ready for the job. While an even greater number of factors must align for the event to safely occur, the Red Bull Storm Chase team is on it.

The event window will open from Feb 9th to the end of Northern Europe´s storm season in spring.

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